Concrete Paving & Flatwork in Kent, Washington

Concrete is used on an extensive scale for building roadways, airports, and highways. The pavements which are constructed with the use of concrete are of high durability. A majority of these pavements are known to carry more traffic which is inclusive of trucks that carry heavy loads. Concrete has turned out to be the prime choice as paving materials owing to their durability, quality, and immense strength. Recent developments in technology are allowing enhancements in the features of concrete. There are different advantages of concrete pavers in comparison to other pavement solutions that are available on the market. You can reach out to us at Kent Asphalt Paving, located in Kent, Washington for discussing your requirements. You can also contact us for seeking free quotes about various kinds of concrete paving solutions. We also let our customers know about the benefits of different concrete pavements.


A wide array of people opt for Concrete Paving and Flatwork. The life expectancy of such pavement is known to last more than thirty years. Concrete is known for high durability and can be used in paving driveways or building ramps for ADA Accessibility. Concrete pavement can be more affordable in comparison to other types of road surfaces.


With different types of pavers available in the market, it is possible to develop a wide array of mix colors and patterns in the driveways and walkways. Most Concrete Roads are not traditionally brick and few of them are equipped with interlocking design, which offers a professional look to the home and driveway. Concrete pavers can be a great solution for your homes driveway.

Low Maintenance

It is recommended to choose concrete as the paving material for roads and sidewalks as they need the least maintenance. The cost of maintenance for concrete pavement is much less. They provide low lifespan costs in comparison to different paving products that are available on the market. It is possible to maintain them at ease via occasional rinsing. If any tough stains are present they can be removed at ease if you opt for concrete pavers.

High Strength

Concrete roads have the ability to withstand different adverse weather conditions. You can be ensured that your pavement is going to last for several generations. These products are known to have higher strength in comparison to regular concrete.  Additionally, Concrete is used nowadays when paving Dumpster Pads.

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