Concrete Repair Professionals in Kent

Concrete happens to be a popular paving material which bestows protection against adverse weather conditions. Whether it’s your properties parking lot or your homes driveway, it is necessary that you protect and maintain your concrete in effort to get the most life out of your investment. We are here to help you bring your concrete back to health! You can reach us at Kent Asphalt Paving, nestled in the town of Kent, WA in order to discuss different requirements or to seek free quotes about various kinds of concrete and asphalt paving services.

Resistant to Weather

Cracking is really common with concrete pavement. We offer top quality for Kent Concrete Repair services by which it is possible to repair the pavement system, thereby bestowing protection to the concrete surface from any bad weather conditions. We are on call to provide you with quick and reliable service to minimize the damage that could be caused by chips or cracks in your parking lot, sidewalk or driveway.


Concrete pavement is known to be low maintenance and provide low life-cycle costs, in comparison to different paving products. With our Concrete Crack Repair services, it is possible to maintain and restore the pavement at ease by the occasional rinsing as well as regular sweeping. With our Concrete Repair services, it is possible to remove and replace sections of pavement for different utility repairs. Concrete paving offers an easy and functional option in order to conduct the maintenance to underground or under base utilities. It is possible to remove and replace the pavers at ease for different types of utility repairs.

Concrete Resurfacing

Another option we provide is the ability to resurface your concrete if the foundation is good but you would like to update the look or design. Concrete pavement can be availed in a plethora of color and style possibilities. It plays an indispensable role in adding to the visual appeal of your home. Light colored pavement with Concrete Resurfacing will provide cooler surface around the driveway, sidewalk, or pool decks and patios. It enhances the grace and functionality of the pavement.

Contact Us

Thus, you can reach us at Kent Asphalt Paving located in Kent, WA or give a call to us at 253-499-8811. You can also receive free quotes on all kinds of concrete and asphalt paving services. We are the leading paving contractor in Kent. We have a team of expert professionals who have an ample amount of experience in concrete repair. We are fully licensed and insured to meet the concrete repair requirements of our customers in no time.